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Cybersquatting and the importance of registering multiple domain names

Question: What do Panasonic, Hertz and Avon have in common?
Answer: They were all the victims of cybersquatters.

Cybersquatters are individuals who buy domain names that use the names of existing businesses or trademarks. The intention is to resell the domain name for a handsome profit.

WARNING: You should seek specialist legal advice if you think you may be the victim of cybersquatting.

Cybersquatting is now quite rare. Most businesses know the importance of registering multiple versions of their domain name.

Multiple domain name registration is an excellent and affordable way of driving additional traffic to your Web site.

If your company or organisation is easily misspelled you should consider registering the common misspellings.

If your domain is a .com you should consider registering other extensions such as .co.uk, .info, .net, etc. Each variation can be pointed to the same Web site - this service is provided FREE OF CHARGE by mickwood.com and is known as 'parking a domain'.

You should also consider registering at least one additional generic domain name to use in your advertising. This makes it easy to track how successful your marketing strategy is.

You can easily check site statistics for multiple domains via your personal control panel.

As an example check out http://www.christian-webhosting.org.uk. Notice how the domain name is visible in the address bar? This site is identical to my main mickwood.com site but it is automatically generated by the Web server.

People who visit my site via christian-webhosting.org.uk will know the type of site they are visiting, almost like pre-qualifying a sales lead. Visitors to mickwood.com may not actually know the type of site I host.

Finally, think about the future. If you have an idea for a project, perhaps you are working on a project that is almost complete, it is well worth acquiring a domain name now rather than later. Thousands of domain names are registered on a daily basis and there is no guarantee that a currently available domain name will still be available in the future.

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