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How we saved one company £770!

A customer was quoted £95 per year to renew their domain name - that equates to £950 over 10 years.

We registered a new domain for 10 years for a total of £180. That's a massive saving of £770 over 10 years. (NB. Prices have increased slightly since then).

What's more, they don't need to renew their address or worry about price increases until 2013.

We could have charged £50 per year and the customer would still have been happy but we don't operate like that.

Our prices are clearly shown - no hidden extras.

Are you paying too much for your domain name?

Find out how mickwood.com saved one company £770!

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How to use the Simple Domain Name Search Tool (FLASH - 449KB)

Domain Name Analyser
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Nominet UK
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Domain Name Essentials
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