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Second Level Domains (TLD's)

The .uk country code is separated into sub categories, called Second Level Domains (SLD's). People are encouraged to register a Domain Name within the SLD that corresponds to their type of activity.

  • .co.uk for commercial enterprises
  • .me.uk for personal domains
  • .org.uk for non-commercial organisations
  • .ltd and .plc for registered company names only
  • .net.uk for Internet Service Providers
  • .sch.uk for schools

The rules for .co.uk and .org.uk registrations allow for a wide, unrestricted variety of names, abbreviations and acronyms to be used.

The rules for .ltd.uk and .plc.uk registrations require that the Domain Name is the same as the company name registered with Companies House.

There are a number of other SLD's including:

  • .ac.uk for Academic Establishments
  • .gov.uk for Government Bodies
  • .nhs.uk for NHS Organisations
  • .police.uk for UK Police Forces
  • .mod.uk for Ministry of Defence Establishments

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