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Domain Names

Choosing & Registering Your Domain Name

In the early days of the Internet users would type an IP (Internet Protocol) address into their browser to visit a website. An IP address is made up of 4 groups of digits such as 123.45.678.90.

People found it hard to remember IP addresses so domain names were developed to allow the use of easily remembered words and phrases to identify IP addresses. Each domain name must be unique - no two organisations can have the same domain name.

Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. For example, in the URL http://www.mickwood.com/index.shtml, the domain name is mickwood.com.

There are four aspects to choosing a domain name:

  1. The choice of Top Level Domain (TLD) - such as .uk
  2. The choice of Second Level Domain (SLD) - such as .co.uk, .org.uk
  3. Whether to use a generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) - such as boardgames.games
  4. The name itself - such as bbc.co.uk

Having decided on your domain name, you then need to check whether it is available or whether it has been registered already by another user. You can use the Easyspace Checker, which is the same tool that mickwood.com uses, or you can try the new Google Domain Tool which is still in BETA.

There are over 300 million registered domain names worldwide and many of the most popular names have already been taken. Verisign estimated that 1.3 million domain names were registered in Q1, 2017. As a result you may have to be creative to obtain a good domain name.

We can help and advise you on getting the right name for your organisation. It is important because your visitors need to remember your name so that they can use it to find out about your organisation and services.

If you have already registered a domain name and wish mickwood.com to act as your registrar you should select the Domain Name Transfer option.

IPS Tag Transfer

If you wish to change your domain name registrar from mickwood.com to another registrar there is a 'one-off' administration charge of £25.

Domain Name Links

Google Domains BETA
Online Domain Name search tool.

Online Domain Name availability checker.

Nominet UK
Registry for .uk internet names.

A not-for-profit partnership of people from all over the world dedicated to keeping the Internet secure, stable and interoperable.

Information regarding Internet Domain Name Registration Services.

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