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Text / Fonts

Make it easy to read your content. Don’t try to be ‘different’ with fonts.

  • serif fonts and italics are hard to read on the Web so always use sans-serif fonts (e.g. Verdana, Arial)
  • your font might not be available on a users' browser - set a font family for browsers to default to
  • don’t use more than 3 different fonts on a page - it looks messy
  • avoid using scrolling text - it takes emphasis off what you’re saying and is not accessible to many users
  • make text easier to read by ensuring a good contrast between the text and the page background
  • people may change the font size to suit their needs – make sure the text suits your page design when both big and small text is used

People don’t read on the Web, they scan. Plan your text layout to suit.

  • sentences that span the page are boring to read – keep to less than 60–75 characters per line
  • use headings and groupings to break up big blocks of text
  • always left-justify blocks of text – it’s easier to scan than centred text

Other Text Tips

  • don’t use “tiny text” – you could get banned from search engines
  • DON’T SHOUT AT PEOPLE WITH CAPS and exclamation marks!
  • get someone else to check your spelling - don’t rely on yourself or spellcheckers

Website Design Links

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Jakob Nielson
Jakob Nielsen is a Danish web usability consultant. He writes a fortnightly newsletter, Alertbox, on web design matters and has published several books on the subject of web design.

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